About the author

About the author.


Published by: soaringeaglegroup1@gmail.com

Recovering from my addiction and the demons that plague my mind endlessly. For you see I have Bi-Polar mental disorder that is so misunderstood. I want to shift the thinking of this disease and harness the madness for God's Glory for God is Bi-Polar too. Take a look at all the trees, plants and animals he just didn't create 2 he made millions. Is God not manic when he did these things? Talk to me I want to know if your a family member or a victim of this disease share your story. For you are not alone we are all in this disease together. So take my hand and we will journey together across the madness and the demons to the promise land.

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    Update today been on this Road Adventure with my new husband Frederick for 47 days married sine June 6 2015 on the beach in Mulkiteo, WA June 6, 2015, where my Dad married us and he is not a minister this was witnessed and recorded in the bible as done for hundreds of years. On June 8 we embarked on an Amtrac train for Madison WI Frederick’s hometown and where his dying mother is a nursing home. We were threatened by his sister that she would call the cops 4000 miles to say hi. I was so hurt.
    Off to Brooklyn to visit Frederick’s good friend Bobby who had an affair with Frederick’s 2nd wife and fathered a daughter that Frederick helped raise. He tried to have us arrested and accused me of stealing his wallet. My phone was stolen and since then 16 states 95 bug bites, 1 bee sting almos tarrested 23 add another one today as we went to chuch today filming we were swarmed by cops and escorted out of the church and then kicked out of his friends house. God has blessed us through this adventure and p0ersecution. We leave for Arizona to see my good friend I have not seen in over 27 years. Then to the bright lights of vegas to see Frederick’s daughter. I can’t wait to see what happens next stay tuned for the next episode of these road adventures. Sign up for are new Newsletter we will launch in August. Email us we would love to hear from you.


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